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no we really need to talk about this

Jokes about men being like girls. Sayings such as “you throw like a girl”? Not okay, right? Sexist and kind of ludicrous. Obviously.

so why

do we keep

making “princess kuzco” jokes?

what about him is so princessy, exactly? Is it his vanity? Oh, wait, that’s a sexist stereotype. Is it his selfishness? Oh, wait, that is also a sexist stereotype. Is it because he acts somewhat like the stereotypical image of a gay man? OH, WAIT.

Every time I see people say this, I groan. And I just saw a post on my dash with completely adorable, wonderful art of the Disney princesses, but then Kuzco was tacked on at the end and Ij ust

cannot deal with this anymore

Filed under Kuzco princess Kuzco Elliot Rants about Things That Matter and I too thought it was a funny harmless joke at first and I can understand but it started grating on me (possibly because I am constantly misgendered in the outernet) and I've realized why and it HURTS.

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