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So today my father didn’t want me to spend the night over at my friend’s house because he thought I might get up to some “shenanigans” with her older brother.





I didn’t think my asexuality would be relevant yet. I thought I had at least another year before telling people would actually have the chance of being beneficial. Hmm.

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Figured out my gender! In the middle of writing this post! :D

have an update without proper sentences because it seems more accurate and it sounds more like my thoughts do at the moment

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oh look an emotional breakdown in text post form


(guys I’ve been having a secret identity crisis for months)

(I would have said something about it here except for the first several months I just completely ignored it and pushed it to the back of my mind and managed to forget about it somehow and I don’t know why I did that)



(here, have a personal post)

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Grammatical Errors in a Love Letter

Haven’t been on Tumblr for about a week. It’s weird. Nothing particularly odd happened to force this, the computer was just occupied by other people for a few days too long a little while ago and I got out of the habit of checking things. However, stuff has been happening and I feel really absurdly antsy for no apparent reason, as if I’m on the precipice of an emotional breakdown, so I think it might be a good idea to type up my thoughts.

Long personal post gets a Read More break, but wait! You want to read this one! I came out as asexual to someone and got a badly written love letter of sorts! Come on, that’s actually more interesting than most of the things I’ve written on this blog.

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How I Discovered My Concerningly Black Humor, My (Likely) Horrible Trumpet Skills, and The Adventurers or Somthing

I haven’t been Tumblring in recent days, but I’m feeling compelled to write up a blog post, so here goes. Actually, is the present action form of Tumblr “Tumbling”? Eh, it’s just a misspelled word being used as a title anyway.

This is a daily life adventures style post, so have a Read More break because you may just want to keep on scrolling.

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Okay, okay. Pardon any typos I don’t catch, this new keyboard is bent to be shaped more like hands except my hands are bent to be shaped like a normal keyboard. The S is where I expect the A to be.

This is a personal post relating to sexuality and self discovery and related whatnots after the read more break. It’s shorter than most of my other personal posts, though.

(Oh. The reason I haven’t posted anything in a while is because my older brother is back from college and he’s a computer geek and so he had to fix up all of our minor computer problems which meant other people were adjusting to the computers and I could not use them.)

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