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oh fukc








Like I knew this already, like there was a list of people whose things weren’t going to be in the book and I wasn’t on it

and then I had to send a thing to confirm something or other, like yes I did submit that, you can use it

and I wasn’t sure if they would even let me because I was only fourteen but I realize now that that’s kind of stupid because of course kids can publish books, they do it all the time, but whatever


you know what my piece was about?

It was about Sherlock Holmes and asexuality.


When I submitted it to be in the book (which I should probably have told you about first - it’s a fan compilation of fanart and stories and research and whatnot) I actually said “You don’t actually have to put this in if someone else has written something similar, I just want asexuality to be mentioned somewhere, please”

because I didn’t really expect them to like it but




I’m only freaking out now because I just got an email from the publisher asking for a statement saying that I actually wrote my piece. 

I am so excited.

I am going to be a fucking published author. Wait’ll I tell six-year-old me.

I just realized something hilarious. I could probably come out using this book. My first initial and middle name (I go by my middle name) are in this book - I can ask my mom to buy it for me, and then tell her it’s really good and hand it to her. There could be a sticky note placed into the middle of the page I’m on without telling her there’s a sticky note in it, or alternately I could bookmark a bunch of pages and tell her they’re ones I like specifically. 

The sticky note on my page could have an arrow pointing to my name and it could say “Not a coincidence - By the way, I’m a published author and also asexual.” Or something to that effect, probably I’d also point out a good internet resource or something.

Anyway, I’m going to be in The Art of Deduction, which you can read about here. I don’t remember giving it a title, but it was probably titled by the first few words, possibly temporarily for editing purposes. You can’t read the piece there - literally the only place you can see it is in the book, because I don’t even have it. 

I proooobably should have saved it somewhere. Ah, well. I’ll find out what I wrote when I purchase the book. 

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Okay, okay. Pardon any typos I don’t catch, this new keyboard is bent to be shaped more like hands except my hands are bent to be shaped like a normal keyboard. The S is where I expect the A to be.

This is a personal post relating to sexuality and self discovery and related whatnots after the read more break. It’s shorter than most of my other personal posts, though.

(Oh. The reason I haven’t posted anything in a while is because my older brother is back from college and he’s a computer geek and so he had to fix up all of our minor computer problems which meant other people were adjusting to the computers and I could not use them.)

Read more …

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The Important Bit: An asexual!Sherlock/John fic

This may be one of the most adorable things I have ever read. My only regret about it is that they never adopt a child or anything, but other than that there were a couple of parts that made me tear up and a couple of parts that were so adorable I actually had to stop reading to go outside and quietly squeal where my family members couldn’t hear.

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So today, I found something that I ship.

This is very strange, because I don’t even particularly care about romance in things that have little to do with romance. In Harry Potter fanfiction, of course, I love it when Luna’s paired with Harry or Neville simply because she is such an awesome character and I never particularly liked Ginny. Although I may simply be jealous because all of the people I’ve had major crushes on are fictional, and she ended up with her childhood crush.

Cough. Cough.

So you know how I said a long time ago that I don’t particularly like Johnlock because it sort of implies that two people can’t have a platonic and loving relationship?

It was also sort of because I’m asexual, I suppose, and fictional characters having sex is rather boring to me, not to mention very annoying when it interrupts the plot.

But apparently this entire notion is thrown out the window when Sherlock is asexual in a fic and John doesn’t care and they have happy romantic cuddle tiems while talking about things important to the plot.

I ship Aexual!Sherlock/John.

It seems a bit horrible though, because what, I only enjoy romantic fics in which my favorite character shares my sexual orientation? But I think, considering the sexual orientation in question, it isn’t that unexpected.

While I’m typing up my post, here’s another revelation: I saw someone make a joke about Mycroft being cake-sexual. One thing that some asexuals like to say, in order to explain their orientation to people or just to be silly, is that they’d rather eat cake than have sex.

So now I’ve been thinking about how what if Mycroft is asexual and aromantic and Anthea (or whatever her name is) is his zucchini? (A zucchini is a name for a person you’re in a close platonic relationship with.)

So this is me.

Shipping things.

How do you people function when everyone could be shipped with everyone else?  This is insane! I would say I didn’t expect this much emotion, but by the Klaine posts I’ve been seeing lately I sort of did. I just didn’t expect to find myself an OTP. Johnlock is my OTP. That is a weird sentence, isn’t it? Oh, this will be interesting.

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There needs to be a tag for this

Because I must not be the only asexual Sherlockian out there. (Well, I know for a fact that one of the people I’m mutually following is one. HI! But there must be more of us out there.) I often say things that have to do with Sherlock and also have to do with my asexuality, because in all honesty I only figured out I was asexual by reading a Sherlock/Harry Potter crossover fanfic written explicitly for Asexual Awareness.

Yeeeeah. It was sort of recent, actually, but not super recent as you can see that I’m aware at the very start of this blog, back from when I didn’t really understand how tumblr was supposed to work. And I started this blog at least last year sometime, but after I discovered Sherlock, so sometime after… November.

Just a teenager figuring myself out, here.

My point is that there needs to be a tag that says that a post has to do with both Sherlock and the poster’s asexuality. I propose it be “Asexual Sherlockian”, because “Asexual Sherlock” implies that Sherlock is the one who’s asexual. Although that should be a tag as well, if that’s a main topic of the post.

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