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So today, I found something that I ship.

This is very strange, because I don’t even particularly care about romance in things that have little to do with romance. In Harry Potter fanfiction, of course, I love it when Luna’s paired with Harry or Neville simply because she is such an awesome character and I never particularly liked Ginny. Although I may simply be jealous because all of the people I’ve had major crushes on are fictional, and she ended up with her childhood crush.

Cough. Cough.

So you know how I said a long time ago that I don’t particularly like Johnlock because it sort of implies that two people can’t have a platonic and loving relationship?

It was also sort of because I’m asexual, I suppose, and fictional characters having sex is rather boring to me, not to mention very annoying when it interrupts the plot.

But apparently this entire notion is thrown out the window when Sherlock is asexual in a fic and John doesn’t care and they have happy romantic cuddle tiems while talking about things important to the plot.

I ship Aexual!Sherlock/John.

It seems a bit horrible though, because what, I only enjoy romantic fics in which my favorite character shares my sexual orientation? But I think, considering the sexual orientation in question, it isn’t that unexpected.

While I’m typing up my post, here’s another revelation: I saw someone make a joke about Mycroft being cake-sexual. One thing that some asexuals like to say, in order to explain their orientation to people or just to be silly, is that they’d rather eat cake than have sex.

So now I’ve been thinking about how what if Mycroft is asexual and aromantic and Anthea (or whatever her name is) is his zucchini? (A zucchini is a name for a person you’re in a close platonic relationship with.)

So this is me.

Shipping things.

How do you people function when everyone could be shipped with everyone else?  This is insane! I would say I didn’t expect this much emotion, but by the Klaine posts I’ve been seeing lately I sort of did. I just didn’t expect to find myself an OTP. Johnlock is my OTP. That is a weird sentence, isn’t it? Oh, this will be interesting.

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Mystrade Post Number Two

(First post here)

Apparently if I post things in which I am confused and want answers but am also somewhat confrontational I will get a lot of feedback in the form of sometimes helpful and sometimes confrontational replies. I wonder if that combination works better for receiving feedback than confusion by itself?

But here’s the second post, and after I write it I’ll link to it on the first one so that people can find it. Editing that post for every answer just won’t work well for very long.

Quite a few different people have said basically that a ship is your own opinion and it only works for some people, and some have said that they’re annoyed having to justify their ship - I’m actually just curious, here, now. Don’t need to get upset. For a Harry Potter fandom example,  I know that some people ship Snape/Hermione and I find it squicky while those people do not and almost nothing is going to change that because even if you create a logical argument for it, Hermione is still too young, and even then it’s a bit weird because he never stopped loving Lily.

In other words, I’m not trying to force you to stop shipping it or anything like that. Just wanted your reasoning process.

In my inbox, anglofile pointed me toward two different people’s coherent and extensive explanations of Mystrade. You actually should check them out here and here, they’ve got many good points for Mystrade that I like.

Firstly, I don’t ship people, so I don’t pay attention to when they stop wearing wedding rings. So that information was new and interesting. I remember reading in multiple forums that people were confused about Mycroft’s wedding ring, and one of the creators said it was a prop and not just Gatiss’ personal ring. No source beyond the anecdotal kind, apologies, but it may have some significance.

Next, the line about Mycroft being the queen? Tooooootally over my head. I can’t even tell if “Queen” being slang for a gay guy is a British thing that I missed or I’m just oblivious. (But that line makes more sense now - Slight and joking gay bashing is more commonly acceptable than slight and joking women bashing. I thought it was just that Mycroft is the British government, and thus has more power than the Queen. Who I know nothing about and is possibly only a superficial figure of power rather than a person with actual power. Please don’t hurt me. I don’t know anything!)

The point is made that Mycroft would do background checks on everyone that Sherlock came into contact with while he was getting his grounding back from after detox. The theory is that Lestrade knows about Sherlock’s past addiction because of the way he acted during that drugs bust. Just a theory, but a good one at least. Alternately, you can also have SuperManipulative!Mycroft who does do background checks on everyone who comes into contact with his younger brother, even if he doesn’t go through an impromptu kidnap-meeting with most of them. (By the way, I love SuperManipulative!Mycroft. Sometimes he has John handpicked to be his brother’s companion and shot in such a way to not debilitate him too badly but just enough for him to be sent home from the war. I like those fics a lot. Mycroft is such a Slytherin.)

The second link talks about how casually Mycroft jokes about John and Sherlock’s moving in together so quickly. “Might we expect a happy announcement by the end of the week?” But this actually holds no weight, sorry. Even someone who was homophobic could have said that with a straight face and confidence, especially someone like Mycroft who would have good reason for a well-practiced “poker face”.

The second link seems to be more for people on the Mystrade side than people like me - which doesn’t make much sense, because why would you have to argue for Mystrade to Mystrade shippers? But whatever - because the author is focusing on a pause in Lestrade’s speech that I hadn’t even noticed and things that only stand out to people looking for the ship. But the first link is a bit more… objective, shall we say, even though they personally do ship Mystrade all of the points they make are completely logical, even with speculation thrown into it.

Oh, on a side note:

ihadnointentiontoblog answered your question:
I think that if Lestrade helped Sherlock through detox that is more than enough for a romantic relationship. I’ve seen marriages work on less

Oh, I think helping someone through detox is certainly foundation for a romantic relationship. But, you know, with them. Not their sibling. Is that a thing people ship? Sherlock/Lestrade? Sounds a bit odd, but then again they’ve been on screen together much more than Mycroft and Lestrade have, so… Eh.

And in conclusion, my opinion of Mystrade has changed from “What is it and why? Huh?” to “Plausible and apparently logical”. (I didn’t have any real objection to it in the first place, remember. I just get confrontational and arrogant sometimes and it sounded like I did. Sorry ‘bout that.)

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I don’t understand how two characters that don’t have any screen time together at all could possibly seem to be the second-most shipped pairing. (Behind the immortal Holmes/Watson pairing, obviously.)

I also don’t understand why people give Sherlock and Lestrade a tearful, drug addled history of some kind when Sherlock did not know Lestrade’s first name until the Hound episode.

I think these two things may be connected - if it’s true that Lestrade helped Sherlock through a detox period, then some fans see this invisible bond of wanting to protect Sherlock Holmes.

But that is not enough for a romantic relationship.

(Unless it is. I’m kind of inexperienced here.

But I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s enough for a romantic relationship.)

It isn’t even really enough to make them friends. Allies is the only word you can use here.

I mean, there’s also the urge to pair up all the characters that fanfiction writers seem to have, and if you’ve got Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade, and Moriarty/Moran, the only likable characters left are Molly and Mrs. Hudson, which no one cares about pairing-wise except when they use Molly for self inserts. And then after that I suppose Irene Adler, but she has that girl living with her (named Kate - silly fanfiction, forcing me to remember minor character names) that seems to be her… partner, based on comments Irene has made.

But there was the suggestion of Lestrade and Molly at the world’s most awkward Christmas party, correct? Why Mycroft… Instead of that? Do people just like slash pairings better? Molly isn’t that bad. Even I know that, and I don’t particularly like her. Is it just that you don’t want the character that’s most like you to be

I cannot comprehend why you people think that Lestrade is Mycroft’s type, anyway. What do they even have in common? That they work in the government? Lestrade doesn’t even really.

(Just a note: Am I the only one - maybe it’s an American thing - that has a hard time remembering to pronounce Lestrade correctly in their head? Half the time I think it’s “Les-trade” instead of “Les-trahd”. )

So if there are any Mystrade shippers out there looking at this - tell me of your reasoning for this pairing. Why?

Edit for rebuttal: 

mizukodomo14 answered your question:

Anyone who is able to put up with Sherlock is probably able to put up with Mycroft. It’s like JohnLock, only refined.

Disagree. If that’s your reasoning, it’s clearly just an extension of Johnlock, only weaker, not “refined”. You know who puts up with as many of Sherlock’s shenanigans as Lestrade does? Mrs. Hudson. I don’t see anyone pairing her with Mycroft. (Okay, I know it’s really weird, kind of a weird kink thing, but I haven’t even seen any of those around on kinkmeme.) Even so, “Because they put up with the other character’s shenanigans” is not a reason for a pairing. I do not like Lestrade because he puts up with Sherlock’s shenanigans - I like him because he is hilarious and sarcastic and he’s just trying to do his job and he wants Sherlock to become a good person. Except for the last one, these are things Lestrade’s partner should like about him. [I suppose the last one by itself is an argument for Mystrade, though, so at least the shippers have that. Mycroft and Lestrade both want Sherlock to be a good person. Still, not a really strong reason for a pairing on its own.]

Also, Mycroft’s shenanigans are likely similar but very different from Sherlock’s, and I think Mycroft would be trying to keep his worse quirks a secret from his partner as to not scare them off or worry them, and being successful for at least a while.

It’s not “Johnlock but refined” for another reason as well - John and Sherlock are quite canonically very close. In every adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, there’s a Holmes and a Watson and they are closer than brothers and it works because they complement each other. Now, you could argue that Mycroft and Lestrade do this, and I suppose with more character development it could prove to be true, but we haven’t seen all that much of Lestrade, and usually Mycroft is heckling his younger brother when we see him so we don’t know much about what he’s like in front of other people. (We do know a bit, though, from John meeting him. Just not really enough to say he perfectly complements someone else.)

Second Edit:

rose-de-noire informed me in an ask that the reason they shipped it was because of a couple of lines. When Sherlock sees Lestrade in Hound, he says “Oh, this is Mycroft, isn’t it?” and Lestrade replies “Look. I don’t just do what your brother tells me.”

I suppose, on second thought, that this is actually all a fan needs to decide that a ship is plausible and good - that one character acknowledges another character’s existence and doesn’t seem to give in to his authority. I guess it’s just another thing that I don’t ship, but at least now I can understand what people are actually thinking. Before, in my mind, it was somewhere between “crack pairing” and “only barely plausible pairing”, but now it’s in the “only barely plausible” range, at least.

Third Edit:

There’s also the assumption that much like Mycroft kidnapped John in ASIP, he did the same to Lestrade. Thus he and Lestrade met.

It’s a bit of a stretch, though. I’d assume Mycroft only does this with all of Sherlock’s flatmates, not everyone he works with or comes into contact with. He can’t be that paranoid.

(Ooh, but that could be interesting. Lestrade and Sherlock: Roommates. If done well, anyway.)

And still, not necessarily a reason to ship them - more of a means to an end. Making something have more reasons than it actually does with speculation.

Fourth Edit: You can find the follow-up post here. I didn’t want to just continue replying to your answers here because it ended up being weird with all these edits. This is the last one, I swear!

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